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Perry Fair

First of all, what is this? We post once and then forget about the community?? NO! Y'all need to post cuz I know you're competing or at least performing from time to time. Anywho, that was my venting for the day...

I performed with my team at the GA National Fair in Perry, GA yesterday, and we perform again tomorrow. We had the entire tent packed plus people standing all around it!! As soon as our teams left the stage, the crowd dwindled down to about 20-25 people watching the other groups clog. We did GREAT and we will do GREAT tomorrow also. We have a competition coming up in November and I'm competing in Solo Challenge! I'm SO excited, this will be my first challenge category competition in solo. Last year I competed in novice. I can't wait! I need to practice everyday... Anywho, y'all post and take care! -Peace-
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