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Cloggers are Sexy :)'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cloggers are Sexy :)

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Hello! [27 Apr 2008|05:07am]

 I have been a clogger for seven years and never plan on stopping! Isn't it truly amazing and fun? I am here in Southern IN, keeping the spirit of the dance alive and well. :) 

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[01 Jan 2006|04:46pm]

Greetings from Houston, Tx! A former member of the Yellow Rose Cloggers in Houston (a.k.a. Charlene Burton's daughter or Blake Burton's sister for those of you who knew them - I'm normally referred to as such) - Clogging was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We were fortunate enough to have a team that was very family oriented and allowed room for major growth and development in all of our children both within and without the clogging world. We helped mold our "kids" into who they are today and it is because of that that I cherish the clogging world so much. It is a world like non-other. I have been "out of the loop" for nearly three years now and I miss it ever so much. I still attend local workshops/rally's/competitions just to watch and "play" with old friends - but my world, without clogging, will never be the same. Cherish it. It's an experience like no other.

Amber Burton
Houston, Tx
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hip problems [22 Nov 2005|10:02pm]

It is frustrating... I have pain in my hips since September, it didn't get better until now... So I haven't been Clogging since nearly 2 months! Arghhh... That's soo frustrating. My doc says, it is an inflammation in my hip and give me pain killers and everything, but it doesn't help a lot. Anyone here, who has/had hip pains as well???

Greetings from Hamburg,
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a little bit about english stepping [12 Nov 2005|11:11pm]

a little about english stepping:
the type of clogging i do apears to be somewhat different to most described here . the type you seem to be discussing is what i would call appalachian dancing. i happen to be inaan appalachian as well as a clogging team.i am a particualr fan of american appalachian flat footer ira bernstein. in clog i take inspration from the late sam sherry.i danc ewhat is known broadly as english glog although i danc e in the lancashire clogg style which is notable for its open shuffles,
heres some history:

and some other sites you might find interesting;


A Brief History of Clog Dancing

Clog dance is a solo step-dance performed in clogs. It developed during the nineteenth century in the industrial areas of England and Southern Scotland and reached its peak of popularity between 1880 and 1904. Like an early form of 'Street Dance', it involved dancers who had no formal training, was highly competitive, and developed a very skilful and complex repertoire.

Early forms of solo dance - the Galliard

This became very popular as a court dance in Elizabethan England (1558-1603). It was a couple dance that contained solo stepping sections for both male and female to 'show-off' to each other. As a consequence, Queen Elizabeth adored it and male courtiers started to compete over athleticism and complexity. Special teachers or 'dancing masters' were in great demand, though the Galliard was eventually considered too 'exhibitionist' for the royal court.

The Hornpipe - a stage dance

During the eighteenth century, solo hornpipes were performed by professional dancers on the theatre stage between plays and also at court ball-dances. This style of dancing was influenced by the French court and a 'turn-out' started to occur. Step-dancing was taught at dancing classes in many parts of England, Scotland and Ireland, for dancing-masters would travel to teach both fashionable townsfolk and rural communities. Hornpipes were particularly popular and from recorded notation it appears that the 'shuffle' was a common element. By the nineteenth century, step-dancing was probably only found in the more isolated areas of Cumbria, East Anglia, Devon and parts of Scotland and Ireland. Steps have been collected from dancers in these regions well into the twentieth century.

Dancing in clogs

The earliest known clog dance steps come from the East Lancashire mill towns around Colne and date from the early 1800s. Inspired by the rhythm and movement of the machinery, these steps consist of beats made by sliding and tapping the toes and heels and have virtually no 'shuffles'. Other similar styles have been found on canal barges in Lancashire and amongst coal-miners in northern England, southern Scotland and Wales. By 1880 the competition clog hornpipe was being performed on the music-hall stages of cities like Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and London, and by 1883 Dan Leno had become the 'Clog Dancing Champion of the World'. The style of dancing seems to have merged with the earlier step-tradition for it was danced higher on the toes with a much greater use of 'shuffles'. Some dancers even performed on pedestals and sheets of glass.

Clogs to taps

By the 1900s competition clog dancing in the music-halls was declining in popularity and it is now acknowledged that due to its 'lower-class' status and associations with betting and riotous behaviour, clog dancing was considered an 'unworthy art' and was systematically suppressed by managements of the higher class variety theatres. By this time, jazz rhythms had come over from America and dancers had discovered the glamour of the tap shoe, however, many successful performers of stage and screen owed their dancing skills to the clog dance tradition.


After the Second World War, clog dance was re-discovered by the 'Folk Revival' and much effort went into collecting clog steps and memories from dancers who had either performed in the hey-day of clog dancing or who had inherited steps through their families and the communities in which they lived. This repertoire is still taught and performed today, though many groups are starting to devise their own material.

i did have some great pictures but i couldnt get them on to here for some reason sorry.

ps we dance in wooden clogs, northwest morris dancers also dance in slightly different wooden clogs but this is a COMPLETLY DIFFERENT dance.
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[25 Oct 2005|07:11pm]

i am new to live journal and a cloggie although i think it might be differnet to what you do? i dont know.
i live in hastings / lancaster (england) and do clogging, sometimes refered to as english stepping. i do lancashire cloggling which is in a certian style.is thois the same type of clog?
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Photo of the Cross Country Cloggers [21 Sep 2005|10:23pm]


here comes a photo from my Clogging club. We dance the Dragon (by Paddy goes to Hollyhead) on this photo. I am the one in the back with the green t-shirt and jeans. Hope, you will enjoy the photo.
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wow... [27 Aug 2005|11:43pm]

I am a 23 year old college graduate and recent wife and have clogged since I was 6. I was on a competition team for about 7 years in southern MS. I haven't clogged a lot since high school, but it's one of those things you never forget, you know? Occasionally in college, given enough to drink, my friends used to make me clog. good times... I have recently moved to Charleston, SC, and with a lack of friends or things to do here, I have become interested in clogging again. What are the competitions like now? The last one I went to was probably in the mid 90s when we still rolled and tease our hair to an inch of its life, and the more fringe and beads on the costumes, the better.
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Take a look at this Warm-up! :P [01 Apr 2005|09:51pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This is a warm-up I found a while ago, and I decided to retype it, b/c it was to dark to scan. So her it is:


Siamsa - Lord of the Dance

High Intermediate Warm-up (3pages) Choreography by Gary Larsen


(Hold 2 counts of 8)

Basic Canadian Sequence

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

DS Dbl Hop Touch DS Dbl Hop Touch DS Dbl Hop Step Dbl Hop Step Dbl Hop Touch

Lt Rt Lt Rt Rt Lt Rt Lt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt

(Repeat Same thing on the other foot)



Variation- “Back Step”

1 2 & 3 4 &

DS Dbl Hop Step Stomp Step Dbl Hop Step Stomp

Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt

5 6 7 8

Step Dbl Hop Step Step Step Dbl Hop Step Step Step (Repeat on other foot)

Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt



Variation- “Touch Step” - Irish Ending

1 2 3 4 &

DS Dbl Step Touch Step Dbl Step Touch Jump Clap

Lt --Right-- --Left-- --Right-- Lt Both Hands

5 6 7 8

Step Dbl Step Dbl Step Dbl Step Stomp Stomp (Repeat)

Lt --Right-- --Left-- --Right-- Lt Rt



Fancy Dot Step

1 2 3 4

DS Dbl Hop Dbl Hop Dot Step Dbl Hop Dbl Hop Dot

Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt --Right-- Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt


5 6 7 8

Step Dbl Hop Dot Step Dbl Hop Dot Heel Step Stomp

Lt Rt Lt --Right-- Lt Rt Lt Rt Lt Rt


Copyright by California CloggersÓ


So yep................ hope you all enjoy! .....................................


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WOW! this is cool! [18 Mar 2005|03:08am]

[ mood | amused- yay! ]

Hello- my name is Illa-ann (pronounced: eye-la-anne), I live in northern California. I've been clogging for over 8 years. I wasn't on a "team" per say, but I did alot of dance competitions, and fun events where me and my old partner (or a group of us) used to preform.

Has anyone heard of the summer clogging camp at BYU in Provo, Utah? I've participated a few summers. but ever since I left the dance studio I was at, (which was about a year and a half ago) I haven't been able to go. I still try to clog though (talent shows, just for personal entertainment...lol). I choreagraph alot of my own stuff, but I'd like to learn more.

Has anyone noticed that when you don't clog for a while (say- 2-3 months), you tend to get really out of shape? I noticed immediately, I suddenly couldn't run long distances, and I got tired easier. :P
--so I make it a goal to keep clogging. ^^

This is a cool community, I hope it keeps going. :]


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[10 Mar 2005|11:21pm]
its been a few years since ive been involved because of all my foot surgeries.. and ive been in a cast/crutches since a few weeks before Christmas, and hopefully ill get it off in a few weeks! im really excited! and ive realized how much ive missed clogging in my life, and im praying that my feet will be able to clog again! :o).

how is everyone doing with clogging lately? youve gotta update us here! :-D
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Missing Clogging [14 Jan 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I am 21 and started clogging when I was 8 or 9. I now work on the computer way more than I clog. I began clogging in Ohio, then I moved to Kansas. My sister and I were on a competition team for a year, but since then I have only clogged for fun or in pageants. It has even been a while since I did it in pageants. I miss it so much. There really isn't anything around where I live. I am so wanting to start up a team just to do it for fun. But, I am also going to school full time, working part time, and trying to run a business. Needless to say, I probably won't be starting anything soon. I think it is awesome that you all are doing it though and I love to read about it. I have my shoes in my trunk and I get them out just to play around every now and then. It is so much fun. That is all I really have to say. Keep Clogging!

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[13 Nov 2004|03:41pm]

hey!!! im new to this community but no i am not new to clogging! i have been clogging for 7-8 years... i used to clog with teh sea turtle tappers in south florida and then i switched to the x-treme competition teams who the director was michelle mahan who used to have team called kats kloggers. i have competed some and in one of my competitions i got second! well now i live in maine and let me tell u....there arent that many clogging groups around here but i just found one not long ago n im going there- bradley's school of dance. i am learnding more advanced stuff and duets! its really fun! well i am now doing irish too...

so if anyone wants to talk my aim screen name is jess307bmxsk8 !
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Cool! [22 Oct 2004|09:31pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I never knew there was a clogging community on LJ! Awesome! My name is Christina and I dance with Aftershock. We are a competition team that competes pretty much all over the west coast! Its nice to find some other people who acutally know what clogging is!

So what kind of clogging does everyone do? Like just performing or do you go to competitions and stuff? Conventions? I was just in Los Vegas last year in Nov for nationals...was anyone else there?


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Questions [15 Oct 2004|07:50pm]

Well, I have several questions and would be happy to see answers from you. I am always curious.

How do you dance? I mean, do you learn choreographies by heart or does your instructor give hints? I am sure, that at competitions you have to dance by heart, or? How does a competition work?

Have you ever made a choreography by yourself? How did it turn out?

What are the classes in the USA? Here we have beginners, easy intermediate, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced.


Thanks and have a good weekend!
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Perry Fair [13 Oct 2004|11:42am]

[ mood | happy ]

First of all, what is this? We post once and then forget about the community?? NO! Y'all need to post cuz I know you're competing or at least performing from time to time. Anywho, that was my venting for the day...

I performed with my team at the GA National Fair in Perry, GA yesterday, and we perform again tomorrow. We had the entire tent packed plus people standing all around it!! As soon as our teams left the stage, the crowd dwindled down to about 20-25 people watching the other groups clog. We did GREAT and we will do GREAT tomorrow also. We have a competition coming up in November and I'm competing in Solo Challenge! I'm SO excited, this will be my first challenge category competition in solo. Last year I competed in novice. I can't wait! I need to practice everyday... Anywho, y'all post and take care! -Peace-

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HI! [13 Oct 2004|08:45am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi everyone! I had no idea that there was a clogging community up here. My name is Tory and I am on the Peanut City Clogging Team here in Suffolk, Virginia. We've been extremely busy lately and it probably won't stop until November. Right now we have the North Carolina State Fair Competition this weekend and then the team is off to Maggie Valley. I won't be able to go this year because I just started a new job and can't get off that weekend. : (
Any way, I thought I'd say hi and join this community!

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Clogging Performance!! [03 Oct 2004|09:43pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I performed with my clogging team on Friday night and it was AWESOME! We performed about 10 different dances and each one of them was fun. We are performing every weekend just about from now until the first weekend in November. I'm looking forward to this time of year! The weather is gettin cooler and we are cloggin every weekend. It's GREAT! Well, that's all for now. -Peace-

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ECTA Clogging Convention in Emden from 13.-15.08.04 [17 Aug 2004|07:58pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

I thought, I should tell you from my Clogging weekend. It was my first big convention and I had sooo much fun. I mean, my feet hurt like crazy, but who cares? I learnt many new steps and choreographies. We were over 100 Clogging dancers (plus around 50 Contra dancers, who had their own Convention at the same time) from Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, even one from the USA and Denmark. The convention started at Friday, at 19h. It started with an Open Dance, which was fun. There were even some dances I knew. :)

At Saturday the workshops started. I had 7 ones this day. F.e. we learnt the following dances: Making Music by Sophie Ellis Bextor, The Anthem, I won't change you (again Sophie Ellis Bextor), It's my life by Bon Jovi (which shows again, that I don't like to clog to hardrock music... It doesn't fit in my ears/eyes), Powerless by Nelly F. (very fast, very difficult and a lot of fun!!!!), Witchcraft by Wonderwall (lovely made) and Nothing new under the moon by LeAnn Rimes. Our instructors were from all over Germany and one from Great Britain (Yvonne Cox, she is lovely!!!). The dances were Easy Intermediate and Intermediate. Many new steps for me, f.e. Utah, Yes Mam, Woody (I hate it), Harley, Mountain Goat, Stepper, ... At the evening we repeat ALL workshops. Was a lot of fun, even my legs didn't want to dance anymore. :)

At Sunday just 3 more workshops: Man! I feel like a woman by Shania Twain, another one from Sophie Ellis Bextor and Dragostea Din Tei (the summer hit here in Germany). All three workshops were fantastic! A great end of the whole convention. And I was soo happy, that I didn't need to drive the car back as my friend did it. So I was able to sit down, relax and get my muscles/feet healthy again. *smile*

I met some nice new people, learnt many new steps and dances, had a lot of fun and enjoyed my time there. I can't wait for the next club evening.

Take care,

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New here [05 Aug 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | busy ]


I wanted to send you some greetings from sunny and hot Germany! I do Clogging since February, so I am just a beginner, passed my Graduation in June. *smile* Clogging isn't very popular in Germany yet, but there are more and more clubs and that is good! My next event will be the Clogging Convention in Emden from 13.-15. August. I am already looking forward to it, will be my first time at such a convention and I am sure, that I will learn a lot!

So I am glad to have here a group of people, who also like this nice hobby. Talk to you soon!


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hey [20 Jul 2004|04:19pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hey everyone. I'm kara, im 16 from colorado, and I've been clogging for 8 years now. my dance group went to competition in may and we took 1st place 2 times. So, just wanting to meet fellow cloggers. peace out.

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