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I never knew there was a clogging community on LJ! Awesome! My name is Christina and I dance with Aftershock. We are a competition team that competes pretty much all over the west coast! Its nice to find some other people who acutally know what clogging is!

So what kind of clogging does everyone do? Like just performing or do you go to competitions and stuff? Conventions? I was just in Los Vegas last year in Nov for nationals...was anyone else there?

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Hey Christina and welcome! I used to dance with the Southern Belles (I'm on a break from clogging right now, but that's a different story, lol). We didn't go to nhch nationals last year (I can't even remember why) but the other teams from our studio went (CC Express). I can remember competing against y'all before though! =)

Beth <3
Hey Beth! I told my instructor about this community the other night and she said you are dancing with Stan's group now? She said she might know you. Heh..small world eh? Did you dance with the Belles when they danced on that show Dance Fever? I was rooting for your team! I am so amazed at how much clogging is spreading around!
Hi Christina! Nice to see another Christina. *lol* Greetings from Hamburg, Germany. I dance with the Cross Country Cloggers. There aren't any competitions in Germany for Clogging, so we dance for fun, performing at parties and things like that (not very often to be true). I've been to the Convention in Emden in August, which was a lot of fun! For next year we already plan to attend the workshop weekend in Appensen, the jamboree in Mainz and the next Convention (maybe in Bremen, it isn't 100% sure yet). I would love to see some competitions... I am sooo curious to see them!!!