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ECTA Clogging Convention in Emden from 13.-15.08.04

I thought, I should tell you from my Clogging weekend. It was my first big convention and I had sooo much fun. I mean, my feet hurt like crazy, but who cares? I learnt many new steps and choreographies. We were over 100 Clogging dancers (plus around 50 Contra dancers, who had their own Convention at the same time) from Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, even one from the USA and Denmark. The convention started at Friday, at 19h. It started with an Open Dance, which was fun. There were even some dances I knew. :)

At Saturday the workshops started. I had 7 ones this day. F.e. we learnt the following dances: Making Music by Sophie Ellis Bextor, The Anthem, I won't change you (again Sophie Ellis Bextor), It's my life by Bon Jovi (which shows again, that I don't like to clog to hardrock music... It doesn't fit in my ears/eyes), Powerless by Nelly F. (very fast, very difficult and a lot of fun!!!!), Witchcraft by Wonderwall (lovely made) and Nothing new under the moon by LeAnn Rimes. Our instructors were from all over Germany and one from Great Britain (Yvonne Cox, she is lovely!!!). The dances were Easy Intermediate and Intermediate. Many new steps for me, f.e. Utah, Yes Mam, Woody (I hate it), Harley, Mountain Goat, Stepper, ... At the evening we repeat ALL workshops. Was a lot of fun, even my legs didn't want to dance anymore. :)

At Sunday just 3 more workshops: Man! I feel like a woman by Shania Twain, another one from Sophie Ellis Bextor and Dragostea Din Tei (the summer hit here in Germany). All three workshops were fantastic! A great end of the whole convention. And I was soo happy, that I didn't need to drive the car back as my friend did it. So I was able to sit down, relax and get my muscles/feet healthy again. *smile*

I met some nice new people, learnt many new steps and dances, had a lot of fun and enjoyed my time there. I can't wait for the next club evening.

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